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Actually, New Radicals' Mother We Just Can't Get Enough just… - Finding Poop [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 14th, 2004|03:46 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |hothot]
[Current Music |Gauge Means Nothing - Pilgrims]

Actually, New Radicals' Mother We Just Can't Get Enough just randomly came up on the playlist...

Guage Means Nothing is possibly the most underground Japanese band there is in the personally-rented venue scene. Check them out. Most of their songs are hardcore, so I don't really...have a lot of their songs. But have listened to a lot. Sure would be fun concerts I guess!

GQ has named the 3 Best Men Of The Year [all appearing on different covers of the latest issue] as Jude Law, James Gandolfini, and Tom Cruise. I linked to the U.S. edition of the magazine, seeing as this is the version these guys are on. Plus it still hurts my Silly Serpent that the import subscription to the original British print is about $123.00 USD.

Jude Law | I Am The Law
Alright, so he wasn't in Judge Dredd [hence the line,] but he definitely is in a total of EIGHT films this year. So far we have Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, I <3 Huckabees, Alfie, c|oser, The Aviator, Lemony Smicket's An Unfortunate Series Of Events (I had no idea,) with two to more to knock down. That's the most anyone has topped in a while, and if you're going by Rotten Tomatoes Fresh-o-Meter [tm] of an average of all published reviews, most we fresh. Sky Captain was a bit too theatrically raw (the blue screen) for the silver screen, Huckabees unfortunately concentrated a bit too much on philisophical dialogue, much as Kevin Smith's Dogma rifted on. His interpretation of Alfie rivals Michael Caine's original peformance on varying levels, thought definitely not all. Jude's destructivity (new word myes myes,) in c|oser kept pace with all the others, perhaps falling under par of Natalie Portman's role. (I call it a breakthrough as positive as the Cuban Revolution, but have yet to see the film.) And yes I realize it isn't Nichols' best, and is a big circle of perhaps too unrealistic dialogue, but apparently she handles the given material well. I've always loved Scorcese, and The Aviator looks mega-promising. More promising than Howard Hughes final flight, if you know the true story :[] And I don't know who he plays on Smicket's novel to film.

James Gandolfini | More Like...Grand-olfini
I suppose this was based on the near HBO sw e e p of the Emmy's, a large contributor being that of The Sopranos. I still love Christopher, and Buscemi has been nearly as great as Resevoir Dogs' ultimate survivor (much like Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet, haihaihai?) but James definitely hammered down the still progressively progressive scripts of the season. A nice contrast role would be him as the homosexual hitman in The Mexican, starring Pitt Of The Brad and Julia Roberts. (Best scene undoubtedly being Pitt air-gunning little kids who were doing the same to him, only in slow-mo. By the way, mega-kudos [not the candy bar] to Zach for having J.D. conciously do a "slow-mo handwave" at the conclusion of a recent Scrubs episode.)

Tom Cruise | 'Cruising Away' Would Be Too Obvious
Collateral was enough. First of all, Mann using DV to capture the literal grain of lesser known parts of LA was bold. Jamie Foxx in the front seat keeping pace with Cruise in his back seat (of the cab, not the gludios maximus lolxxzzrofl plzkthnx) was bold. Tom's starkly piercing work was bold. Bold. Did Puki mention that Foxx managed to snag 3 Golden Globe Nominations for Ray, Collateral, and a TV film? That's the most for an actor, ever, in one year. All I can say, is that if you didn't see Mann's latest in theatre's, which was a rush (except for the slightly personally dissapointing ending [I wanted them to shake hands,]) rent it. "Silver fox" was the perfect description, thankyou Mr. Maverick Cruise.

Just got back with Grant and Muindi from Board Of Education meeting. Mreah...pretty boring. Talked about PTA donations handlings, this student from South who wants an Ultimate Frisbee league, Mike Oh got recognition for his 1600 SAT score.

Scrubs is on in the background and I'm making a sandwich.

Rehearsal for Shakespeariment tomorrow after school. Our first Guerilla Show is soon, but I can't say when, we even have a codename for it, heh. It's actually quite like Fight Club as the promo posters suggest. I just yelled out the code word the other day and a random kid responded. All I can say is that I'm playing Blank and disputing with Blank, during Blank, at Blank, and believe it or not Blank plays No Way. Blank.

Also, Unity & Diversity is tomorrow during 2nd Period. Capitalized. Shortened periods mean a swifter bringing of the Guerilla Show rehearsal. v00t [not w00t!] I'm looking forward to all of my betas and betes (betis?) dancing their kundis off in the Indian dance. Actually, a good chunk are from the football league. Same with a lot of the azns I know in their dance. I really wanted to do it this year, in all seriousness. A dance would've been what I probably would've done had I known dates and deadlines and what not, but also walking onto stage and shooting one of the kundis, their face slapping into a plate of spaghetti, would've been highly representational of Italians/Sicilians.

I'm allowed to say that, by the way. You aren't.

By the vay, Vinter Ball was quite decent, and unexpectedly so. Ryan wasn't there, so Winter did not Return LOLZOMGBBQ BYEKTHNX. Danced with Jackie for most of the night, and as expected that lead to rumors being spread that we were going out again. This is not true. However it is true [thanks to Joyce, otherwise known as OMGnayR-Sexer] that Jackie does want me to ask her out apparently. Again, I just wouldn't have time. Way too many projects as usual. In light of this, another year I wanted to try out for Mock Trial, and another year I know I won't have the time. It's sad that this is always the issue.

The only mega-bummer of the night (other than the crowd was only 600 or so, not the 1000-strong that was sweaty grindy Homecoming,) was that I didn't see Lynn all night. Definitely wanted to snag a dance with her, thar's always Sadies. And Erica ended up wearing the dress Rohan and I both agree is the Libertarian Leader Of All Radically Bodacious Dresses. Jackie's Chia Pet Lime Green Sagittarius Spinach Admiral Asparagus [more green names in my published poem the Brilliant green, read from the bottom up by the way] dress. Which still looked good on Erica of course.

But yeah I don't know about the Lynn situation right now. Lolx apparently Rohan knows her, we spotted her tye-dye-ness when we were in Yearbook 9th today. Yeah she's th3 cute and fun at Tarah's parties. Speaking of Yearbook and Rohan, he suggested a GQ subscription for Sexmas. Sexcellent idea.

And now this was definitely a post no one has any reason to read. I hate those, especially the like...one-line posts about something that...is not interactive. Write in a diary of emo blood than, not an LJ. Or make your LJ friends-only, and have yourself be the only friend. Lolz, what roflstfuWOMG.

I put chips on my sandwich. Like Drew.

[User Picture]From: isuckhelium
2005-01-23 03:48 pm (UTC)
hey i just joined garden state and i was wondering how we post entries on it.. thanks
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