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Mrs. Johnson - Czarina Of Room 206 [May. 9th, 2004|01:45 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
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[Current Music |The Strokes - I Can't Win]

Guess what, I'm back. Am I blogging?

Yeah right.

Okay fine, I am.

[The Passion Of The Muindi]
Zack [Glick] and myself decided to live out our...fantasies...and film an epic film. To give Premiere a break though in between, we agreed to split this epic film into three parts. It would be about a black kid who leaves a gang to become the stuntdouble for Jesus Christ. The two of us would not like it. We would go after him and hurt him. This story really doesn't come in until Part Deux and Trois.

Anyways so we finished filming the first part in about five hours. But that's because it was very cheaply done, with one camera, and not many angles. Basically it consists of us going to Wilson Farms [tm] to get provisions, and then Wegmans [tm] so I can pee. Then Zackarius and I show up at Muindi's, bust in (in real time mind you,) and try to beat him up. The final cardboard box fight (set to Chubbawumba's Tub Thumpin') takes place on a playground.

The dvd is out, but we won't be selling them until the remaining two are finished.

Expect unnecessary slow-mo, an amazing soundtrack, a huge cast, and Christoper Walken.

[East And JDD]
So now that I've explained why I've been even busier than usual, I can suavely move on to the next thing.

As you all know, John Stevens IV is back from American Idol, and back in school. Actually, Grant showed me that there was a huge community on lj dedicated to him. I think I'll join to tell them that he goes to school with me. Then they'll all melt away into liquidy piles of people. Ewies.

Anyways, I took Jackie to JDD. She was lookin' hot in her mega-short Chia Pet-ish dress. Some other chick there had the same one, and they were snooting around, but then laughed about it I think. Jackie laughed about it from the beginning. If there was to be a catfight, I was ready. Knowing full well I'd be killed. ^__________^!

So the camera crew took about 50 pictures of me for some reason. I think it was because I danced Thriller style the whole time. Sometimes even for the slow songs. But then Zack told me yesterday that the pictures for that years dances don't appear in the yearbooks until next year. I guess they don't have enough time to edit them. That's still really annoying though.

Saw every girl there, they all were looking hot. I was really happy, this was probably the best school-dance yet. And I was supposed to get sigs for Grant's mom and mine for M-Day, since we have no cash. But Johnny boy looked to in the moment with his date, so I left him be.

Lastly, Spinley was there. He had a brown vintage suit on, which was totally him. When I was too tired to do the worm, but still tried, and died on the floor, I got up and saw him laughing, so I'm glad. < /run-on sentence.>

[Elliot and ADD]
This splitting-the-entry-into-sector thinger is schweird. Anyways, yesterday was mega-fun. I landscaped in the rain with Mr. Brand. It was fun for some reason, even though it consisted of us hauling down huge swingset pieces from a crawlspace down a ladder.

Around 2:00 I went over to Zacko's. Elliot and Rick were there, because they have no lives and can do things whenever. A lot of people were supposed to come, but I forgot what happened. Muindi said he had to aid Father Muindi or something, and Tom was working. Even though we told him to take off.

So we filmed some interior scenes when Sarah arrived. In widescreen, everything looked better. We had two cameras this time, and a boom for sound pick-up.

Thanks everyone for coming. Oh yeah, Elliot was doing weird stuff when we didn't need him. Which was pretty much the whole time. So I think he has ADD, or he just drank too much Red Bull. It didn't give him wings, by the way.

[The Mall-a-rino]
So Zack, Ricky, and myself decided to go to Ze Galleria. We call Demmy first, 'cause he always brightens the mood. Like when he chuckles, airs out his swamp buttocks, or rolls in parking lots via killing shrubbery after shrubbery.

When we arrive, we not the security guards, because last time we were kicked out for filming ourselves on escalators. And then kicked out again on the parking ramp. Mall Security has more power then you think. Be warned of their Nerf Guns. They don't get real ones.

Oh I saw Tom [Brown] and his friend of girl on the way out. It was awkward, I've never seen him in public. Apparently they were kicked out for buying pretzels from Anesse. Whatev.

So I drain more NYC money on the two Extreme machines they have at the mall now. A couple of semi-maniacs showed up and tried some heavy songs. They didn't pass them with flying colors though. I think I can do Candy with my eyes closed now (even though I hate people who memorize songs,) so I'mma come up with a routine for that.

We all buy subs, circle the food court multiple times for free food samples, then get Slushies and eat. Demmy tells me secretly that we've been Minvited to his sister's party, but not Rick. She doesn't like him, and I don't blame her. You only like Rick when he's not in huge groups, 'cause then he gets obnoxious in the bad way. I still love him though.

[The End Of The World Party]
Little homage to The Rules Of Attraction thar. Lolololz!!111onetwo.

We drop The Ricky Ricardo off. We arrive at the party. A ton of girls are there, and I somehow know everyone, as well as Zackalupagus. And the couple of guys there, Chris Mahl, Mike Drum, Mike Humbsomething, Brian Miller v 2.8, Matthews Mike, et cetera, we knew all of them too.

So the party turned out to be mondo radical tubular bodaciously fun. The music was like JDD the previous night, heh. I went down big hills on those Razor sorta-scooter thingies a lot. And fought Zack a lot. He's strong.

Mike Ko/Choo put a sleeper hold on him, and he almost passed out. I really felt bad, Zack was really short of breath for a while. I hope he's okay.

And oh yeah, Rick calls us there, Demmy tells him we're not present. Then he calls Zack's cellphone. He doesn't answer. I dunno, I always feel bad ditching someone, but I do it a lot. Except this time I didn't decide to ditch him, so whatev.

Tarah looked cute, and some chick gave Demmy 50 smackers. He thinks she digs him, and maybe she does who knows. But that'd be cool. Yeah some of the girls there were really hot though. CAPS LOCK HOT EVEN.

I'm going to NYC this up-coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's one of my favorite cities, and maybe I'll just...stay there this time. Go to an audition, something like that. Hee hee, I gotta buy some ridiculously awesome hat though. Tarah's Hello Kittie one put me in the mood.

Oh and I'm buying the import of Extreme from Alan. That'll be mondo-fun. Which will lead to Rick inviting himself over more. In between his daily phone calls to me of course, where he just talks about himself.

I just realized I typed a link-less entry. Holy Tony Sopranos!</b>
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Angry Asian American! [Feb. 28th, 2004|03:03 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |ditzyditzy]
[Current Music |The Havoc - Made It This Far]

I'll get to what that means in a bit.

Anyways these past few days have been silly, sad, merry, and tubular. Let's see, I missed Sadies because apparently we had still decided to go to NYC. This was all planned a while ago, and I forgot why, but my parents had decided we would go later in May. Deirdre had already bought me a ticket. I paid her back for it, but still, it didn't matter to them. They said we were going, and that was that.

So we get to the airport, and our Blueline flight is delayed until the next day. I don't know how hotel issues were cleared up, but that wasn't a problem for us. So we stopped at Perkin's and ate stuff. The stuff was mildly yes. But I saw Megan and her brother, and then Anya, Liz-a-saurus, Dave, and some other chicks. So I got sad. ;_;. Semi-colon crying sad.

But it wasn't too bad, since we all got to see the newly-done 42nd Street at the Ford Theatre. They really did an amazing job, and that was the first On-Broadway musical I've ever seen. A few hours later at a nearby theatre we went and saw Miracle.

But Matt, you hate America and all it does and anything red, white, blue, or poop.

Okay, so this movie did have some nationalistic feeling to it, but it was amazing. True story, and they told it well. Fantastic acting, even down to the retarded Hockey Man Accent. And no I don't hate America. At all. I wouldn't be able to bash it's policies in any other country. I just don't like a lot of methods She uses. Hahee!

By the way, this was the first dance I've ever missed. I missed girls, my favorite thing in the entire world, and then I missed dancing. Man.

And we're still going back to The Apple in May heh. That's not when JDD is, is it? q^_^p!

The following week, Rick and I walked home one day from school. Which was cool, we haven't done that in a while. His aunt and uncle have a nice house, and on the way we chatted about girls, and Rick's ideal one. I said if she fell from the sky, I'd sex her before he did.

So we get inside, he shows me Samurai Deeper Something Or Other, and we eat these amazing Bonanza (TM) ruffled plain chips. Plain! CAPS LOCK SINCE WHEN ARE PLAIN CHIPS THAT GOOD!?

Last night, the loud Partial-Jewish Texan Reject-Asian came over again, after the Club.

Speaking of, I'm sure you all saw our officers in the Next section. Great article Muindi, love ya man. Rick and I had some silly zen talks in the Center For Inquiry's conference room after seeing their pictures of them making crop circles and their ancient remedy medicines. But zen to us means more stuff about girls. While the radical-ish pictures of Jesus on the walls watched us.

We formed the highly-experimental two-man group Angry Asian American. I made some beats with an online mixer, we wrote silly lyrics, and rapped them out. Yo. Dawg. We'll have two more songs coming soon, Kung-Fu Fabulous and the amazing Girls Of Hentai. And yes it's comedy rap.

In band news, no doubt you've all heard outrageous rumors like those ones after the Exposure show. (Arrested by cops, shot, stabbed, broken up, peed on.) Apparently Jake insulted Kryder who Jay is weirdly obsessed with. He flung spaghetti at him and punched him in the arm three times. (Bad ass man. Bad ass.) So Jacob got up and slammed in the head with his fist.

Jay whined to me he was leaving the band unless Jake apologized. Jake did, but we don't want Jay back in. And he won't be. He wanted everything perfect, slowed down our songs, and tried to change our style in a way we didn't want.

So now Muindi Fanwell Muindi is our drummer. Which adds coolness and sexiness to the ol' PPers.

Unfortunately Drew was removed from the band after his mom kept reading our lyrics on the old site. Will we ever find another bassist as good? Well we'll most likely be holding simple auditions soon. Check the site and WNY Music for details as they come.

Love you guys, thanks for the good times. We'll miss you.

Oh, and by the way, Jake and I have decided to scrap most of our songs. We're just sick of playing them, and don't really like them. Your favorites, (and ours,) will still be there, don't worry. Stuff like Johnny, Attak, Eat Brains, Bush, Punx For Peace, etc.

It's gonna be a huge change in every way, so we'll see you at Deirdre's show in April.

< plug>The Havoc are possibly the most talented band off of Punkcore. I love them. A lot.< /plug>

And finally, Kevin is coming over shortly. We'll be DDRing our legs off. ONLINE.

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Discount Price: 5 Lollipops, 1 Comeback, And Half A Blog! [Feb. 17th, 2004|06:08 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |Urine Luck - Back From Brazil]

Ever do the things you know you shouldn't because they plainly won't work and are intended to be that way, but then still do them? The results are usually in the range of lovely, flattering, erotic, exotic, surprising, cuddly, or flabbergasting. Sadly however, it's usually a waste of time.

So naturally, I do it. All the time.

Like when you see a movie character's phone number in the film, and then when you get back to your house for the night you go and call that number? Stuff like that is what I sometimes do when no girls are around or I don't have some way-too-big project to do with a bunch of pallies, and we never finish it. Which I'll touch on later in The Five Day Weekend Extravaganza Synopsis. TM.

Cute fuzzy animals and CIA agents follow you closely wherever you go.

Add a fortune to your website or
blog, click

Yeah seriously man, one day when I actually took the bus home, I was trotting along with Vic and once she had gone to her house and I was heading for mine, I heard a bit of rustling behind me. Turning, I managed to see the top of a strange critter peeping at me from a tree branch. That's what the silly widdle guy my AIM icon is. He follows me, and that fortune up thar proves it. As for the CIA, we all know they've always wanted me for sexual testing. 'Cause when the Aliens wouldn't provide me with sufficient pictures of Petra Nemcova, the sunglassed-and-suited guys over at the bureau jumped for their chance. The rest is history. And present. And pickles.

On with the show!

Friday : Woke up around noon, via my alarm. Called Jake, but by the time we both were gonna be set, us two going to breakfast would've been out of the question. We had a lot to do. So we go to Jay's, hang out there, call Drew a bunch of times. I forgot if we drove around and got a pizza or not, but anyways then my mom called and apparently thought I was playing a show or something. Instead of letting me tell her we were shooting a music video at Kevin's, she just said to go home. So she actually apologized [sorta] when I told her the whole schpiel. Shpeel? Schpiel. Hopefully the old PP-ers forgive me.

Anyways, I get home, after forgetting my San Fran keys at Monsieur Anger's, so I'm locked out. I run over to Zack's; he's not home. Gibbs' is next. Thankfully he's there as my body falls apart from the cold. I call Jake and he regretably agrees to bring my keys over. So Gibbs and I decided to go to Otaku. I haven't been there in mega-long, ignoring my Mascot duties so I wouldn't have to watch Noir. Melissa-chan arrives late, which is perfectly fine with me. Gibbs and I played a bit of Rick's GGXX until then. EyeToy wasn't working. ;_; semi-colon crying!

So yeah, I meet her, she's cool. Her daddio's even cooler, he doesn't speak much English, but could easily be either an assassin or a very nice...suit-and-tie guy. I like him. Big thanks to him for driving us, and for putting up with Rickio's mega-loudness. But yeah Melissa's a cute girl.

I get a ride home with Zack, seeing as he lives in my backyard. Well his house is at least. We have fun conversations with Tom until we see ol' Sarah on the highway carpooling. So we start to mock-drag, only since we're all suburanites we politely signal when attempting to cut each other off. The three of us peed our pants, hee. Last stop of the night, the Mobil. Zack-o fills up on Iraq Excrements as his favorite techno trance song blasts and he sings it to me in between pumps of the pump. PUMP YOU UP UAHH!</speed>

The video will be of Coup D'Etat by the way.

Nanahara Shuya
You are Nanahara Shuya - 'Wild Seven'

You pretty much don't want to hurt anyone... but it
was an accident! All the babes love you and you
have good friends. Though you are slightly
naive and dorky we still think your adorable.
In the book you have an awesome nickname making
you a cool dude. Plus the womens fancy your

Which Battle Royale Student Are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I wake up around noon again I think. As I get wetted (a word) in the shower my psyche-ness for going to Zack's really gets up there. As well as my weener. No! So anyways Monsieur Glick calls around 1 or something, and I head over there after a quick call to Kevin and a stop to Barnes & Noble for When The Emperor Was Divine.

Everyone manages to make it over except Lois. She wasn't even home anyways I don't think. So we can't get the Home Movies episode to work right away. However it did import into Premiere. But by the time that all happens we've just been to distracted with other games like the amazing candy-colored Mario Party 5 that Tom brought over, along with his GCN. What a guy.

Same routine as Day 1 of the recording. Except this time Lois does make it I think, but Grantios (who may or may not enjoy the sensual delight of Oreos,) had to renevate a room in his house. So we decided on an unorthodox way of getting this done, which entailed rendering the entire thing in Premiere, then importing that to Movie Maker. The result is a randomly smaller screen-size episode, but it still works. In between all of this, we played more party games.

I was almost positive we'd get it done today. When I arrived at Zack's, he says Tom can't come. Kevin calls Grant later on; Grant can't come. We all go to Dash's and buy cookie dough which is always disgusting, but good for a little bit until you get full. When you're full it's useless. So then we decided to wing it with the voice-overs, and after getting a system and some lines down, we end up with 20 seconds of audio that synchs, but some great outakes.

So we've decided to finish it somehow like after-school every now and then, and maybe after Otaku om Fridays depending on our schedules.

One things for sure though, we'll get it done. Just I like I finished the club's site and PP. Go look. But wait a few weeks, then look.

[end broadcast]

You are Hiroki Sugimura - the fangirl

You are generally a good guy, but bit of a loner.
You spend your entire time in the game hunting
for two girls that mean the most to you. You
are also good friends with Shinji Mimura and
Nanahara Shuya, which means you have good
taste, but in the end even with your good
intentions you don't make it.. *tear*

Which Battle Royale Student Are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I agree with everything but the loner part. Loneliness and angst has gotta sucking, and I've only know for short periods. But that was a while ago, I don't know what was up then. Yeah, but I think I'd make it in the end like Shuya up there. But these are the two results. Woo, hearthrobs both! I think I'm pretty Shinji too, he's pretty me. Except for the "hacking," I'm not too good at cracking. Then again I really don't spend time doing ahee!

And now for my favorite subject. Girls. Let's see, I just got back from my last lecture class of Driver Ed. Meaning I probably won't see Exotic Girl again. Or will I? I got her screename and some other crap and what not, and she says she may or may not go to our Sadies, depending on how much money she has heh. Which means she's also going to the South one, which I expected. Does this mean she has a date? Well it's Exotic Girl, so probably. But maybe something'll go down at the East one if she comes. I'll force her to come. Or make Nick bring her, I know he's good friends with her.

Five more driving sessions left by the way.

And now everyone's asking me if Lisa's taking me to Sadies. No. She's not. Her hair is ugly and she's mega-glue-ish. Anyways I could tell she wanted to go with me when she IMed me one day. Let's see, she had again broken up with Bob. See, she can't live without a guy, so when she breaks up with some random dude she falls back to Bob, and being the ugly skunk, (no not a member of Lars' old gang The Skunks,) that he is, he takes her in everytime. As she brags about going to hospitals and psych wards and slitting her wrists.

You Eastern Hills skater-goers slitters, words of advice from your not-pal Mattios. Don't listen to A.F.I. I have a conspiracy that they promote it, because the dude's voice is so shrill and he's so ugly. Although the chicks do find him hotttttt. With that many t's.

Anyways, like I was saying before I tangent-a-nized like Lawrence/Spinley, she IMs me and starts complimenting me on everything. Hottness, (well duh,) singing, the band, clothes, hair, etc. She's predicable, so I knew she wanted it. She kept asking me, and I don't want her to pull her voodoo doll out of me and stab it if I flat out say "no." So I kept saying "perhaps." She got annoyed, and I got happy.

So who am I going with? Well there were a bunch of random girls who know about the band somehow and kept asking me. But I'm not going with any of them. Exotic Girl? I cleared that up, kinda, above. Marie? Maybe I'll dance with her at it. Like I promised Kelsey I believe. I think it was her heh. Judy Chick? Oh-ho, perhaps perhaps, although Deirdre would hate that. Ms. Wilson? Hmm nope. Miranda's child / some of his clones? Nopers.

So here's the plan. I either actually give a straight to answer to someone who asked me, and go with them. I go stag (first time ever) and dance with multiple girls, which would be fun. Or, I go to NYC, (flying,) that night and go see Noises Off. I love every production I've ever seen of Noises Off, but I'd rather go to the dance. So as for the rest of those alternatives.

We'll have to see.

Hopefully I can post more frequently now, so I don't have to keep doing these Mega Catch-Up Posts No One Wants To Read Hence No Comments posts. Smaller ones are always more fun. Or funner. Nyah. o^_^o!

*Prances Off Into The Candy-Colored Distance.*
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Another Gig, Cookies And Phig! [Jan. 19th, 2004|05:01 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |lovedloved]
[Current Music |The Virus - Rats In The City]

Yesterday, in a full-fledge, quickly-done, things-forgotten, true Matt_hew style.

I woke up around noon, only because I set my alarm. I called Jake first, and no one was home. So I call Jay, and his mom said he was still sleeping. Next comes Drew, but he's at church till 1:30 says BJ.

So I take a shower, throw on some clothes for the gig, which, believe it or not this wasn't planned, happened to be quite a lot of PP apparel. Oh well, and it was all black. I got really hot at Voelker's. I am really hot though!

Actually, apparently I'm Justin Sane.

After the shower and the hair, and the small errands my mom manages to throw on me when she catches a glimpse of me cartwheeling around the first floor, I went downstairs to the compy. Jay comes on a few minutes later, and we brainstorm on where Jake could be. Both of us suspect something got fucked and he won't be able to play. Which wouldn't surprise anyone, sadly.

So Monsieur Anger says he'll pick me up in fifteen, then we'll swing over to Drew's, and then check Jake's. I end up waiting about an hour and a half, same with Drew. Jay told me when he pulled up what he had to do, but I forgot what that was.

Anyways, we get Ze Bass-a-roo, and then decide to pop into BJ's to see if Jake was working and was scared to tell us. We couldnt've been more right.

I start checking all the aisles, and even Hot Lesbian Chick, (Jake claims she's a lesbian,) is there. So I know Jake always runs the one right next to her, and lo-and-behold there he is. Wild And Crazy Kids shirt and all.

He sheepishly avoids eye-contact with us, so we go and get some Ultra Cookies. We don't have a BJ's card, (the place works like Sam's Club,) so we'll just use Jake's when we get up there. We get in line, and he looks scared, and I do the threatning bat thing, except with a food divider. He tells us he works till 7, so we're not too mad. We figure we don't need too much practice.

Yeah, those who were there, we did towards the end and with our new ones.

So yeah, that was cool. We decide to go get Deyr-druh at her weird complex ma-gig. We do, she says bye to her mom and Danny-boy and we're off. To System Of A Down music. Eh, whatever, wasn't my car. Some of it wasn't too bad, like that song Su-gar.

We stop at the McGirr residence, and I decide to face my enemy with Jay, while Deyr and Drew stay in the car. Jay says he wants to see his bald held, so when Andy Hardcore Violinist answers the door, he says Jesse can't. Which means he's either wackin' off, or smoking.

So we go downstairs, listen to him play, cry that he has Pro Tools, and we don't.

We go home and just sit in the studio, waiting around for Jake. Oh wait, before this we got pulled over by a cop for Jay's parent's old-ass Mercedes not having been inspected for a few months. He lets us off, but not before asking if we had any marijuana, and the like. I said "just cookies!" And he said, "that's fine."

Hmm...what else? Oh yeah! We went to La Porta's for the customary Chicken Finger Pizza Of Good (tm,) waited in Dash's, came back. It's ready, we get in the car. It stalls, then is pretty much dead. We call Mr. Galbo for jumpers. We go home, as he floors it. Jay forgets to not turn it off so it can charge. I run upstairs so I don't hear the argument.

Jake manages to not have his brains eaten (Eat Brains reference there meatballs,) and is smart enough to go straight to Jay's. Without his half-stack, that would've tipped off his parents. So we have to leech off RF. Oh well. We run over a few songs, then we're off.

Jake and I follow Galbo Father there, we have to floor it every other 30 secs to keep up.

We get there, unload the stuff from his car, leave the rest in Jake's. Dan has no problem with us just showing up, and even puts us third after The Clockers. Which means we have to follow them.

Tons of people start showing up, and Klash said it was well over fifty. It watered down a bit later in the night, and unfortunately a lot for RF. Anyways, the first band, Little Boy Piss/Pissed whatever was alright. It was their first show. That sXe frontman guy had unlimited energy, so you gotta give them credit for that. No Minor Threat covers though, I got sad. Guilty Of Being White! And their drummer was ugly. Sorry, that's mean. But he was. And red.

The Clockers were really good. A lot of people said they weren't "all that," (like the Nickelodeon show,) but they weren't up close with that scary wall of skins. They're two guitarists really deserve the gee-tars they were playing. And their bassist looks EXACTLY CAPS LOCK like the second guitarist of the Dropkicks. They even did a cover of theirs for their final song heh. Punk For A Day was awesome, everybody new it. We all pogo-ed, that was fun.

When we get up there, I just start laughing. I realize how many people are there, and half of them are those chicks with the trucker hats turned sideways. Emo or...Ashton? Whatever, it was cool that girls were there. Two were even moshing at one point. And of course Bob had to make stupid comments and song requests.

Anyways, so we starts, Attak goes okay. It was a new one, but I really felt it. I did my The Code mic-thrash, but no one got into it until like Eat Brains I think. Which also went well, but it's impossible to fuck up.

I didn't have a voice to begin with thanks to the all-day practice the day before. So that sucked. Plus we haf four slower songs next to each other, which was really stupid of us. Big mistake. And we all got worn out somehow halfway through. All-in-all, not our best show.

Yet for some reason people loved it. Especially the new-comers. Travis, who hasn't heard us since the Bob show. Chris, he loved us, but unfortunately it led to his mom taking his clothes. That's really fucked, and I feel bad. Skanklin loved us, same with her cousin, and her cousin's dad said we were awesome! He doesn't even like punk!

And lo-and-behold The Clockers thought we were awesome. I thought they'd mind some of our songs, they're pretty pro-American. I really don't hate this country though, just a lot of its policies. Hell, we wouldn't be able to play and write what we do in a lot of other places. Sorry, if that was Justin Sane-ish.

Oh yeah, there was a silly A-F fan there who kept calling me Justin Sane. He was cool, he actually owns the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

Anyways, like I was saying, when Drumasaurus Jay and I were out in the hall by the phone all of the Clockers walked by us and said stuff like, "Awesome set guys, see ya at The Krays show!" And I knew it wasn't jus them feeling obligated or whatever, I'm glad they meant it.

So that was fun. RF's equipment got fucked from so many people playing it, they really haven't a good show in a while. And The Clockers left after our set, so that sucks, but oh well.

Next show is Jan. 26th with them, Bang, Switch, Toss, and The Krays. We play third, after The Tosspots. Check the previous entry for all the info.

Enjoy, love you all! *Collapses.* That was the longest frigging entry ever.
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Barely Back To Bubbly Blogging [Jan. 15th, 2004|08:03 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |Nanase Aikawa - Jealous]

Well here I am folks. Back, with more batteries, so I won't dissapear from the world of blog for so long again. Whenever I look back on any of my past journals, I always see the same thing. First there will be like seven entries in one day. From there, it'll gradually decrease until the gaps in between posts grow to weeks.

But that's alright, you can't grow cereal in a day.

First off, today was not a Snow Day. It was a Cold Day, which is legal, I swear. I was in the shower, and around 6:50-ish or so, mommy knocked on the door and said all Williamsville schools had just been cancelled. I didn't jump up and down for some reason. Hmm, let's analyze.

a. I could've slipped, fallen, and drowned.
b. I had spent all night and morning finishing a twelve page Anthro project.
c. I hate not being able to see everyone that I do in school.

So I went back to be after waving my mom off. Unfortunately she still had to work, and unfortunately my brother and step-brother still had to go to college. Apparently Cecilia did too! Brr *shiver.*

I woke up around noon, tried to will myself to get out of the warmth of the blankets, go downstairs, and do something. But then I melted into the mattress again, not at all feeling bad. When I woke up at 3:00 though, I did. Really I had just wasted a whole good Cold Day. I didn't accomplish anything.

So I trudged down the stairs and unwrapped one of these knew Cereal Square things (tm) from Quaker. I cracked some eggs on a pan, and then checked the messages. First was from Mr. Miranda, he basically just said that the Zoologic Garden field trip scheduled for tomorrow would be cancelled due to the "extreme cold." So now, if we have school tomorrow, I'll be able to see this art speaker's whole presentation. I don't know though, I haven't been to the zoo in years - even though it wasn't the zoo, and was psyched about it.

I also got a little pissed that I missed his called. Talking to him would've been really cool. Drew got to. ;_;. Semi-colon crying! Anyways, the second message was from Concert First or something. The number the woman left was an 800 number, so I was expecting a rather large company. Which is cool, I just still don't get how our band's name spreads so fast and so far. A big thanks to all you promoters, booking agents, and word-of-mouthers out there.

A few hours and eye-rubbings later, I gave them a call. I was put on hold, with some cool beeping instead of elevator music, but that's okay. The lady who then picked up the line matched the voice on my machine, so we talked. See, she runs this company in Atlanta, they distibute show info. to bands they've heard of. So I gave her all our necessary stuff, and now we'll be getting advance notices on gigs with available bill spots. That was cool. The fact this was based in Atlanta was cool too, we're known out of state apparently.

Then I continued my battle against that realphx/spyware bug all of you see in mine and your own profiles. Don't click the link within the link if you haven't figured this out. Anthony was scared when I told him, he almost had.

Tomorrow I should have it fixed though.

And now to the other 90.136strawberry67 % of my life. The band. We have a show Sunday, here's the story behind it. Random Flag had originally been on the bill with some hardcore band I believe. However in the Gusto this weekend, you could mysteriously find our name amongst theirs. Dan Klash had for some reason added us. No problem, whatever. I'll be calling him tomorrow, or talking to him tonight, depending on if he comes online or not, just to confirm.

It's this Sunday, Voelker's Bowling Center, show at 9:30 p.m. The following day we have off for school for Dr. MLK, so don't have your parents worry. 10 smackers for the show, two games of bowling, and shoes.

Following this, is our Krays tour show.

Venue | Exposure USA East [Brand new venue, on par with Showplace apparently.]
Date | Monday, January 26th.
Times | Doors at 7:00 p.m.
Tickets | $10, all ages.</b>
Directions | 2304 Union Road. West Seneca, NY. Turn right on Walden to go south, it's at the corner of Union and French.(716) 400-5546 or (716) 816-5522.

The line-up.

Bangerang | Young kids, great aggressive sound. They're not just some amateur band, trust me. Depending on if they finish mastering or not, Bang's CD may or may not be at the merch booths.
Painted Politics | We've been compared to Blanks 77, GBH, Anti-Flag, and Defiance. Our E.P., You And Whose Army? will be available for purchase.
Switch86 | Old school sound matched perfectly with Tom Nasty's angry voice. One of the biggest WNY-ers. They'll most likely bring all their CDs.
The Clockers | Oi, but not typical skinhead oi. They really don't have a Roger Miret-ish sound to them, but they're definitely awesome. I don't know about merchandise for these guys.
The Tosspots | Mega, mega-old school. They've been named with Beerzone many many times, and for good reason. Possibly the biggest of the scene. They'll probably have merch.
The Krays | Here they are, the headliners. I really shouldn't have to tell about them, and it'd be hard to. One thing however, a good change from the now-a-days punk, they actually have complexity to their songs. Yes they'll have merchandise.

[Cross-posted | Buffalo Shows]

Following that we'll be playing at Voelker's again with Cause For Chaos. These guys are brand-new to scene, but individually have been involved for quite some time. Lose Meat Lisa tells me they sound like a combination of The Virus and AGT. So either way, it'll be a bodacious show. The kids set up the show, but apparently want to open for us, thanks to Johnny Anderson. So that gives you some idea of the line-up. RF will also be on this show.

And finally, pertaining to the site. I know there still haven't been any updates. I just can't figure out what's wrong with that damn roll-over coding. Only some of them don't work, which makes absolutely no sense at all. I really think it'll be up and ready to go this weekend though. I promise this time.

For you Link-Crazed ...Cadavers out there, here's some stuff about none of you will enjoy!

Nanase Aikawa | This is here official site. To me, she's the hottest girl there is in j-music. Here music is a mix of the techno-ish j-rock, kind of like L'Arc's bad stuff, only good. Her voice isn't mega-bubbly for you Shinohara fans (I am one) out there. It's still amazing though. Here is probably my favoritestest pic of her ever. Enjoy.

Her more recent concerts include guest appearances by Shinya, the legendary drummer of the legendary, (in Japanese terms, this seems to be synonomous with broken-up,) group Luna Sea. She has also played with Marty Friedman, the gee-tarist of Megadeath, if you're into that metal stuff.

I guess that's it. More to come as it does. Love to all and to all a good night.

And if you're wondering why my mood is "Flirty," ask yourself this. When am I not?

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The Krays In Buffalo! [Jan. 11th, 2004|09:08 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |GBH - City Baby's Revenge]


[Cross-posted from Buffalo Shows]

Here's your chance to see The Krays from NYC and off TKO Records on their Buffalo, NY stop. They've toured with bands like A Global Threat, The Casualties, and other streetpunkers.

By the way, yes this was the tour they were going to be playing with AGT, but apparently Threat's spot on the bill was messing up a later tour they have starting in February. Don't hate them for this, they obviously aren't too thrilled.

And now for the info.

Venue | Exposure USA East [Brand new venue, on par with Showplace apparently.]
Date | Monday, January 26th.
Times | Doors at 7:00 p.m.
Tickets | $10, all ages.
Directions | 2304 Union Road. West Seneca, NY. Turn right on Walden to go south, it's at the corner of Union and French.(716) 400-5546 or (716) 816-5522.

The line-up.

Bangerang | Young kids, great aggressive sound. They're not just some amateur band, trust me. Depending on if they finish mastering or not, Bang's CD may or may not be at the merch booths.
Painted Politics | We've been compared to Blanks 77, GBH, Anti-Flag, and Defiance. Our E.P., You And Whose Army? will be available for purchase.
Switch86 | Old school sound matched perfectly with Tom Nasty's angry voice. One of the biggest WNY-ers. They'll most likely bring all their CDs.
The Clockers | Oi, but not typical skinhead oi. They really don't have a Roger Miret-ish sound to them, but they're definitely awesome. I don't know about merchandise for these guys.
The Tosspots | Mega, mega-old school. They've been named with Beerzone many many times, and for good reason. Possibly the biggest of the scene. They'll probably have merch.
The Krays | Here they are, the headliners. I really shouldn't have to tell about them, and it'd be hard to. One thing however, a good change from the now-a-days punk, they actually have complexity to their songs. Yes they'll have merchandise.

And there it is folks, please come down, I know Monday isn't the greatest of days. It'll be an awesome time, come for the music, but if you have any extra cash, but some swag, we need at least a little financial support.
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Now With More Mattyberry Flavor! [Jan. 1st, 2004|09:18 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]
[Current Music |The Unseen - False Hope]

I know I know, I haven't posted in a while. And I'm sorry, I've just had a lot going on, which hopefully I'll remember to put into this entry.

*Gets hit by flying books and violent objects tossed by the crowd.* No seriously, I have some good excuses this time!

I swear.

Let's see, first and foremost, as always, the girls. To set the mood here, let me grace you with my true identity. The lovely sodo-chan told me I should change the shirt to "Save a cow, ride a cowboy." I laughed my heart off at the one. Which is possible.

Anyways, now that you all know that I am the Cowboy Of Love [tm,] I can move on. The girl situation is getting, well I wouldn't call it out of control, but, boisterous. If that's a word. I don't know if it's the proportions that have enlargened so much, but the numbers somehow have. I guess more people find me attractive then I was seeing. Or willing to see.

I'm pretty sure Kelsey still likes me, though I don't know if that's just physical for her now, since I haven't really hinted to her about anything. Don't get me wrong I like her, and I'll let you decided on what levels, but, and this goes for everyone, if I asked her out, I'd probably fuck it up anyways. If I asked her out.

Plus her little cousin said I was cute. This year has been very young for some reason. Lisa, Vic, I don't know. I mean I never saw age as a problem, as long as they were willing, and it made sense. Like, who knows what went on at Neverland, but if the kids really liked the company of Mr. Thriller himself, *does a split,* then so be it, I guess. Really it depends on a personal level for the people involved. You'd actually have to see what was going on. If that makes any sense.

But anyways, my first relationship was when I was really young living on Country Parkyway. It was with my neighbor Amanda. I don't remember how it started, but we had quite a few kisses on her backyard's playground, and their indoor pool ma-gig. That was before fourth grade, I know that. Probably like second grade. So could it have really meant anything? Sure. Did it? I'm not sure. Heh.

Then there was Jenny Kulwicki in third or fourth grade I believe. At first she was all Tim's (Qualiana's.) One day we both realized, telling each other through our Super Secret We Thought It Was Cool Language, that she actually liked me now. So like the kids we were we laughed about it. Later on, for some reason I made a huge mistake I really didn't a consider that big.

I didn't invite Tim to one of my birthday parties. That time it was just Drew, the lost Hanson brother Jordy Jachiomawitz - who has since moved, and Brian Dibble. The following Monday Tim came to our lunch table and gave me back a birthday card I had made for him that year. Except it was ripped up. The two of us always loved drama like that.

But ever since we grew apart mega-ly. I hadn't really talked to him until freshman year at East. Now we're pretty much cool, but really don't talk about that. We shy away from it. Or forcefully push ourselves away, whichever one.

Anyways so I asked out Jenny that summer, so Tim wasn't there, I don't know how he felt about it. I remember Claire [Fornarola,] and my then mega-good friend Scott [Campbell,] urging me on to ask her. So I did, and we were together for about a year or so.

(I should probably lj-cut this, but I don't feel like it, sorry. Read on though, I promise it gets good!)

Then fifth grade there was the not-really exotic Nancy [Khalil.] I never forget names, by the way. Except for that guy over there in the corner. *Points to a man wearing a full-body pillow case and playing with one of those cubes with the colors. Rubics I believe?* Yeah I don't know what he's doing there either. I asked her out on line I think, which was the boringest and least-passionate thing I've ever done. The relationship was more friendly though, which was good on some grounds, not so good on others. She moved back to Egypt, and we broke it off. Not before sending each other secret little food samples on Mini-Economy Day. By the way, Eric [Bertini,] and I sold more than anyone in our entire grade. It was popcorn from his home machine, and I served the drinks. Pepsi from my dad, what else? ^_-.

When my mom met Mike, and my brother and I met Dave, the following summer we went to Rainbow Lake. Every year at the dances Friday and Saturday night, I'd vow to meet a girl, and of course dance with her. Somehow it always happened. I think it was the third year though when I met Brenna. She lived in Elicottville, great little place by the way to walk around, and her girlfriends worked at the restaurants and such at the Lake. We said out goodbyes Sunday afternoon, (she said she'd come to meet me for an hour down there.) So I walked down alone from the trailer and talked with her.

Then we had to keep it together for a whole year. Online. Whatever, somehow it worked. So I got to see her that following summer, and we had discussed a bunch of stuff online. When I told to her come take a walk with me towards the better-half of the dance, I knew she was expecting something different. I told her through body-language, I won't go into details, my fingers are falling off, that I really didn't want to have sex with her. I don't know if it was morals or whatever, I just wasn't feeling with her at that point.

She's an awesome girl though, I haven't talked to her in a while though. Thanks for the good times though babe, you're a great person, and we both know it. Have fun with that Ian guy. The Putt-Putt one. ^_-.

There were a few more girls up until now. I don't feel like branching off. But right now there are a bunch who like me, and I find them all physically attractive. I don't know what my standards are, high or low, but I honestly do find them all attractive in their own little ways. But the problem is I don't know, and I'm glad I can admit this, if I like them as anything more than a crush. And if I was to settle down with one of the, I know I wouldn't be able to get them out of mind. Kinda sucks, I know.

But who knows.

Deyr-druh's the only one who knows this up until now, but I was in fact planning on asking Stevie out. I won't link to her for now, because I'm not feeling it that way. I know she likes things a bit private, and sorry if I'm being assumptious here. Which probably isn't a word anyways. But I was making a romantic AMV and planned on asking her out through it at otaku.

Anyways, it's not that I peed my pants and decided not to. Like before though, I know I'd fuck it up. Even if it was Stevie, and I definitely like her more than any of those other girls could ever hope. Seeing her at Deirdre's and just hanging out was awesome. I forgot how fun she really is, but that's not what spurred me to ask her out suddenly. I just had planned on it for a while, I don't know. It's me, you all know how stupid I can be. I just never settle myself in when it comes to girls.

All the quizzes below will show this. Whether they prove it or not.

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

Big surprise, huh? ^____________^.

I don't know. I'm really off just typing it up, and I always have all my thoughts flood out onto the keyboard when I blog, and I can never find the right keys. Which is why I space out my blogging so much, I think.


Hm, now what were the other excuses I had?

Oh, the site. Sorry to everyone, but I can't figure out what's wrong with a few rollovers that enigmatically just don't work. Drew couldn't see why either. And you know I'm a perfectionist when it comes to crap like this, so I really wanna get this tangle untied before putting up the other sites.

Here are some updates for you though.

All of PP just had a practice a few nights ago, it went really well. We touched all of our new songs, and Jake is learning most of Get Me Out Of America, one Jay wrote the music for. Our sound is really getting more complicated, and I couldn't be happier. We don't have to be molded to our label do we? The one I'm really looking forward to playing live is Attak!. You'll all be surprised by how it goes, trust me. It'll show through the moshing too. It's definitely our most innovative song yet. Lyrics for all these should be up soon. We may or may not be doing the title track You And Whose Army? It has a cool intro, but I can't really get into the lyrics, and I've re-written them at least five times now. We'll get it though, don't worry.

And now for shows. January 26th, 2004, at Exposure U.S.A./East. It's in West Seneca on Union Road. They have a huge stage, great lighting, three ground-level video cams, and five ceiling-mounted ones. There will be merch booths and everything. The place is like Showplace, but more band and fan friendly.

The bill is as follows, Dan has yet to determine the line-up.

Painted Politics
The Clockers
The Tosspots
The Krays

Unfortunately, The Code won't be off of their A-F Records tour in time to make the show, so that's why The Clockers (Oi,) and The Tosspots (Oldschool Oi,) jumped on. The draw will be huge though, so please, everyone come down. Doors are at 7 p.m., the show starts at 8. 8 dollars for a ticket to I believe.

*collapses* That was the longest blog entry ever. Great two nights though.
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Adventures In The Awesome (The Sequel) [Dec. 19th, 2003|09:39 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |The Casualties - Ugly Bastards]

Okay, first things first. I got home from the meeting a few hours ago, via Zack. Thanks again Zack! I really don't have anything to do since i'm not going to RotK until tomorrow night. Grant better get some more people than are coming right now. The movies are just more fun when you can move in herds. Plus Jake's head is still skinhead, meaning his mom is still a nazi grannie, meaning we had to cancel another show. Details on the show with The Code from A-F Records, The Krays from TKO Records, Switch86, and Bangerang, in the previous post.

A mega-thanks / props (what exactly are those when used in this context?,) to Cecilia for posting the gig info on Buffalo Shows. Though I think The Code will bring a big enough draw.

But as I said I have nothing to do except DDR, Maru-chan products, girls (ooo,) and these quizzes. Enjoy!

Which toe are you?

I like toes. If they're small and cute and not all splotchy with long nails. Ewies.

By the way, those are all from the amazing online-webzine site Powersugoi.net. Amazing site ladies and gents, amazing. I love the simplistic layout and bright, easy-to-read colors. What a nice break! *bumbles.*

Let's see, let's see. Driver Ed yesterday was tres amusant. First, when I was walking over to my car I saw Mr. Balkin walk out! I haven't seen him since like 8th grade! Aiee! Unfortunately he was already in his car when I was in earshot. Cry me a river [Drew].

When this chick-a-licka (not meant to be demeaning, it's not even a word or sex slang,) [Name Her] was driving, who was out for her second time ever, Marie [Sheehan] asked if I had Spinley. Apparently she had outlined the chapter Spin had given us just three pages of notes on. She had like ten. So she taught all of that to me while Gina went over her notes for the previous chapter. Except we noticed that she had a nice typed out outline. The new U.S. teacher [Mrs. Cantz I think] gives her classes notes! *melts and drowns.*

Then our substitute-driver let us go back to South at 5:00. The driving portion ends at 5:30. So we just kinda walked around the joint. We saw that one lady from Just Shoot Me on their Wall Of Awesome, and someone who looked like John Stamos from Full House. Some kids who looked like vegetables and a snake told us it wasn't though.

The meeting today was pretty cool. Because we finished Soul Taker. Which actually turned out to be called The Soul Taker. Which makes it even worse. None of it was original. They spent a billiaafonwo2420zon, (a real number,) dollars on the animation and cg effects, and none what so ever on script writing. The end was a total rip of Trigun too. "We aren't human!" "Yes we are!" "The race should be killed!" "No one has the right to take the life of another!" A guy with ever-changing hair actually said that. *Vash sneaks in.*

As for the girl situation, and excellent topic to close off on, is up in the air right now. Apparently, and no I'm not bragging Deyr, a bunch of gals like me. Like infatuation style. Like spelled wrong most likely. Like totally. I think (,never a good sign,) I'm solidly digging two girls. That sounds pimp-ish I know, I just wanted to type it like that, sorry. I don't know what's up with that though.

Also, I think I'm gonna stick with the original font size from now on.

And a final word from our sponsors:

No Deirdre and I aren't going out. [The population of the world.]
No Kelsey and I aren't going out. [Lisa and Anya.]
No Jake and I aren't going out. [Homophobes.]
Yes Keira Knightely and I are going out. [I'm sorry guys.]

< static >Have a nice night!< /static >
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Catour De Jour [Dec. 3rd, 2003|08:40 am]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |Everyone knows music was outlawed here. Best be careful.]

Well Yummies, (new term for the so-last-summer word "people,) I'm in second period right now. Bloggin' it up. deyr-druh's not wasn't in Chem, so I got sad and just pretended to somehow know what I missed yesterday. And that last sentence did infact make sense. You umm, must've read it wrong.

Which brings us to the subject of being sick yesterday. Um, I woke up to take a shower, and then started coughing a lot, except each cough tasted like puke. Or puki. Whichever one. Maybe pocky. It started with a p though, that's for sure.

Oh! The domain is up, 100%. Except I have to copy over all the old pages. -_-. Anyways, paintedpolitics.com is cool, so come on over and visit.

Anyways, speaking of pp, Larry of The Cruise In will be calling us back soon for a date of the first December show. Second one is definitely the 21st, at Exposure. Dirty name, dirty venue. Actually I don't know. Apparently it's knew, but the specs sound really, really good. Good enough for CAPS LOCK!

OH EM GEE, Sean just tapped me on the shoulder and sat down next to me. I peed my pants. Now he's on the computer and we're impersonating Tuzz.

This entry is going nowhere fast.

Oh, uh, the e.p.s are basically done. We just have to print them all. The final most definitely totally tubular track list is as follows.

Track 01 | Eat Brains
Track 02 | Big Brother (Down With It)
Track 03 | Fuhrer Bush
Track 04 | Skins Anthem
Track 05 | Coup D'Etat
Track 06 | Punx For Peace
Track 07 | Johnny Anderson

Yes, that's right kiddies, a seven song e.p. Enjoy.

Um, Vic's back from Houston. If she didn't bring me back a mega-huge mega-totally-tubular-hyphen souvenir, I'll be sad. Maybe it'll be a teddy bear. Or maybe she didn't get me anything. Either way.

Lastly, I have to present a poem in French today that I didn't yesterday since I wasn't here. So to test if I have it memorized or not, I'll type it right now for all of you. The huge audience that weights, gribbing the edge of their seats with their buttocks.

L'automne (Victor Hugo)
L'aube est moins claire. L'air moins chaud. Le ciel moins pur.
Les longs jours sont passe, les mois charmands finissent.
Helas, voici deja les arbres qui jaunissent.
L'automne est triste avec sa bise, et son brouillard.
Et l'ete qui s'enfuit, et un ami qui part.

Um, lyrically that sounds out of rythmn. Maybe I messed it up.

Either way I miss deyr-druh.
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Fuck The Future, Live For Now [Nov. 27th, 2003|10:00 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |A Global Threat - Live For Now]

Nah, the only thing that this entry has to do with that subject is the song I'm listening to.

Anyways, Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. I hope you all enjoyed your stuffing, turkey, yams, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and cranberries. Or in my case manicoti, linguini, veal cutlets, and a whole bunch of pies made by yours truly.

That would be me.

First, around 1:00 in the afternoon, we had a small meal for just myself, my brother, my mommy, my step-daddy, and my step-brother..ey. That was really good. And my pies were done by then; pumpkin, cherry, chocolate mousse. Anyways, after that brief digression, onto a small Thanksgiving story. My brother and I headed over to our grandparents' house around 4:45. Most of the family was there, so it was good to see them all. Mafia or not. Two of my little cousins, Stephen and Stephanie, (the only Polish ones,) did a little skit ma-gig and gave us all hand-made presents. Most were toilet paper rolls with stuff written on them. I got a piece of paper with a funky-looking guitar on it, and stickers spelling "Painted Politics." Thanks guys!

So that was fun. Good eats too.

I sincerely hope you all to enjoyed yourselves, but make sure you realize how many there are starving through out there right now. Huge portions of Africa, certain countries of South America. Just please don't forget. We could give so much yet no one even thinks of this, only that their plates are empty and need some more. I admit that a poor cocoa-working boy in Zaire is not on my mind at all times when I'm devouring, but it's still the truth, and still needs to be recognized. So please remember this guys.

Hmm...what else, what else? Oh, I miss Vic-chan already. Walking home from school together, online-ness. DDR, FFXI talks, making fun of Cathy. Just kidding man! Hopefully she'll come back soon though, chilly Bramble Courts just aren't the same without her.

Bring me back something mayn!

Sorry to all that we had to cancel our slot at The Plague this past Wednesday. We really wanted to play, but we had no transportation out there. But don't worry, December 12th and December 21st our two dates to set aside for shows. For info on those, see prior posts. A big sorry to switch and a big sorry to Dan. Thanks for the offer man though, you're great.

Laslty, since my keyboard is crying here, hopefully my next post will be saying that we got a domain.

Oh, and the third biggest fad of 2003 were blogs. Don't you feel fuzzy and pink knowing that?
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