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Can I Get A Godamn Timpani Roll? [Jan. 31st, 2005|12:32 am]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |sillysilly]
[Current Music |Ging Nang Boyz - Ano Musume ni 1mm Demo Chokkai Kaketara Kor]

Uh...MUINDI...check this out:

The Back Horn have put up their PV for their newest single Kizuma Song on their site until March 31st. As you were fearing Muindi, this is the definition of selling out. However, let's not be presumptuous. It's not selling out majorly if they all wanted to go in this new direction. But the new image every member has sort of...frightens me that this may not be the case.

All I can say is, I have an amazing half hour live on my hd of TBH playing non-stop at cramped and way-too-lit Club Quattro a few years ago. It was balsly, no holds barred [I always wanna say no bars held,] passionate, Yamada popping his lungs with every scream. Not scremo though, it made sense here. Fair warning Muindis, that single is not what I burned for you on cd. Muph. That's what I having to saying.

[Zazen Boys, misoBOYS, And...What!? Ging Nang Boyz!?]
Okay so I was in love/still am in love with an amazing wild j-punk band Going Steady. They were like The Casualties, except AZN, with a ld. voxer who had a fro, and dropkicked and tackled his own bandmates on stage. They played amazing oldschool music with plenty of passion as listed above, and just had an awesome fervor to their stuff. They like...went poof in a poop cloud.

And apparently the aftermath is Ging Nang Boyz. I believe ALL of Going Steady with what seems like additional members...at times? Their two albums I've heard, Door, and Kimi To Boku No Daisanji Sekai Taisenteki Renai Kakumei, are as refreshing as Zazen Boys II, and stuff from Gauge Means Nothing. ((BY THE WAY GAUGE MADE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT. FINALLY EASY ACCESS FOR THIS DOPE AMERICAN. Just look at the pictures on there. And you have scroll to the right a bit before you see their stuff. They're dopes.)) I can't even describe it. But the way Kimi/Kakumei starts off, it's like a suspense movie I guess.

The best surprise was this: Going Steady had an amazing PV of their song Wakamonotachi, which were random clips from a bunch of their live shows, with the dropkicking, hairpulling of fans, etc. It didn't even match up with the song, but was great. And Ging Nang Boyz have re-recorded it and it made it onto Kimi/Kakumei. And yes it captures the spirit of the PV.

If anyone wants a listen, you can come over and hear I guess, but I'll be purchasing the albums, they need support, you should support as well.

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!

Created by -ambiguous and taken 39045 times on bzoink!

What is your favorite..
gumIs there Mango flavored?
restaurantThe Como, Duffs [nice Tom,] Fuji Grill
drinkGrape Crush
type of weatherComfortable, with a breeze that doesn't make me have to go pee
emotionThat's the worst question ever
thing to do on a half dayGo to a friend's and spend too much time figure out what to do that night
late-night activityHanging out at a basement party, a movie in any form, making love
sportSurfing, Basketball
storeBanana Republic
When was the last time you..
criedUnfortunately not sure. Does that make emo kids hate me?
played a sportAbout three weeks ago, basketball, on a random warm day when the driveway was fine
laughedLast night while watching the re-make of Manchurian Candidate
hugged someoneI hugged Sarah over the phone
kissed someoneA good one? A few months
felt depressedMaybe stressed, since we still haven't found a producer, and that stress would be off and on
felt elatedLast night, everyone wanted to do something, but everyone seemed in such good spirits...
felt overworkedEvery day during AP Art
faked sickA few months ago
liedYou would've thought last night so I could go do what I wanted, but I told everyone the truth
What was the last..
word you said"...ride." to Gwen. Typing words don't count
thing you ateBig Red gum [apparently Thomas enjoys that]
song you listened toAsian Kung-Fu Generation - Entrance
thing you drankSierra Mist
place you went toDrew's MentBase
movie you sawre-make of The Manchurian Candidate
movie you rentedre-make of The Manchurian Candidate
concert you attendedWinterfest, sadly
Who was the last person you..
huggedNot sure, probably a few people at once
cried overMy mom. Well it was weird, cause one of the saddest images to me is seeing someone eating alone, when no one's home here. And I sorta cried over that, but then joined her
kissedAfter Natalie won her Golden Globe, I came home and kissed a screenshot of her because her hair looked nice. Actual person? My aunt Celia at Brother's b-day dinner.
danced withJackie at Winter Ball. B.b.boring? CAPSLOCK NICE NICE.
shared a secret withGwen on phone for 80560 hours.
had a sleepover withDemmy.
went to a movie withGwen, Drew, Grant, [Muindi,] it failed. Because of Gwen. 'Cause it was her fault.
were angry withDemmy for blowing things up and turning things around. More annoyed than angry.
couldn't take your eyes off ofMidori's weird ass rave blue hair.
obsessed overProbably myself, considering I spend lots of time with mirrors.
Have you ever..
danced in the rainI danced in the snow! But the best time in the rain was with Amer, swimming, in a parking lot full of warm rain.
kissed someoneYes, many times, many ways. Many degrees of "wow she's good" and "ew get out of my mouth area."
done drugsNopers. Actually when I was young I picked up a cigarette at an airport and smoked it for a sec. I'll probably die from that.
drank alcoholIt's been a long time. I think maybe I had some wine a few weeks ago at someone's house.
partied 'til the sun came upThree days/nights ago.
had a movie marathonAt Zack's, it was only two movie, but you have to factor in putting a hole in his wall.
gone too far on a dareRainbow Lake, with Dave's friend Kyle. I got naked and did laps around the entire place.
spun until you were immensely dizzyProbably a few months ago. Sometimes falling from a handstand gives me the same feeling.
taken a survey quite like this beforeLike this is the worst ever un-original lolxplzkthnx.

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

[Painted Practices]
So the original plan was to have a practice last Thursday. Jake kept being busy, or working, which is understandable and fine. Just that I dunno if we'll be 100% ready, Drew has musical rehearsal all this week and Saturday. Sunday is Bowl Of The Supers.

But the info so far, via Tom of Beasts Of Burden:

Well I mean that's the info, but that's a half-joke flyer. We're not headling, it'll be a nice group-ish show.
With groupies.

On a side note, I spent an entire digital day with Kevin today. We saw exotic places, and became masters of escape. And now I have to go do an entire AP art concentration piece. It won't be exotic, but may possibly escape my...mastery.

In the meantime, take a look at this picture of Mark [website: Random Flag].
Grant [blog: seiru_okibi] seems to approve of it anyway.
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Spaz's House Destruction Party [Jan. 23rd, 2005|04:30 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]
[Current Music |Lazlo Bane - Superman]

WOMG I haven't posted in mega-long. Except it seems like I start every post with that sentence. I dunno, it seems like so much can happen in say 3 days of my life that I'm always too lazy to post about it. And of course I could do the thing where users post once a day, about some random event or put up an angsty lyric line. But you know Matthew, once he starts talking/typing, he goes everywhere. He goes off on tangents.

And sometimes cosines, and sometimes parabolas. He goes everywhere.

Here it is you moon-stompers:

[Hey Max - WE'RE GOIN' TO CHEF'S!]
S'okay, a while back in Journalism I wanted to do a story on Buffalo's Chef's restaurant, fine Italian food downtown. A ton of people down there go on their lunch break, as well as the baby boomer population from great Suburbia here. But really no one in our highschool had ever heard of the place, hence I wanted to story-it-up. Somewhere down the line I ended up suggesting a class field trip there, and as of last Thursday, we went.

We left at 9:00 a.m., I sat in the back with Chris Robinson's large head and monster pooper, Ryan Mckenna's political science-ness, and Max Stezirinsky's Russian Assassin-ness. On our way down to City Hall (our first stop,) the four of us for some reason decided to develop an occopella 80's song. I was the synthesizer, Chris the drums, Max the slap bass, Ryan the vocal talkings. The song was called Purple Fox, by The Cufflinks. It was undeniably 80s.

We arrive at City Hall. Massielo isn't there but has left us some most delightful golden Buffalo pins. Someone like the City Clerk or something talks to us for way too long about the architecture of the place (Art Deco, with Indian paintings just like Democratic Committee building's. And the Indian peace-signs, which are backwards swastikas.) He mentions the Mayor being out talking with Robbie from The Goo Goo Dolls. Apparently they're supposed to walk in any second, maybe I'd be able to snag the bassist and talk to him about using their music in the film, since I still can't get in contact with them.

But they never come through the door.

We tour a bit more, go up to the observatory, which is eerily Titanic-esque. Cassie Albano asks if what we're seeing is Buffalo. I ask if she's a ditz.

Around 11:30 we head off for Chef's. Upon arrival with all the babes and hockey-er and basketball-er [Bryan Something and Tommy Hausler,] there are about two tables full, and then our banquet room with a mega-long table. Everyone seats themselves, and I find myself quite surprised that the make-up of this place isn't slightly more Salavatore's-y. It was more like an office building, but with a table. Out in the dining area it was a bit nicer.

We all talk for a bit, Mrs. Ruof takes a bunch of pictures, including Chris and I pondering with aprons pressed up against our faces. The food comes, my meatballs are delightful, the sauce has red-wine in it. The Cufflinks sing their song once more, and are scared because I almost forgot the synth riff. We flirt some with the girls about them having eating competitions yet not being chubbs. Then the canolis come, which were decent. They definitely tried to get away from the raw Italian taste of them though, oh well.

Mrs. Ruof toasts to my "good idea" and everyone says "they owe me." Coolios!

[Shakespearian Sicilian]
Later that night, I head up to Higher Grounds Coffee House (an ugly warehouse with nice couches and drinks,) for the high school division level of The National Shakespeare Competition. For the high school level, you must perform a 20 line monologue for judges from memory. The second level, which takes place at ESU districts [for all I know this could be half of New York,] you must perform a 20 line monologue as well as a sonnet from memory, for judges. If you win that, you go onto the national level, which is a 20 line monologue a sonnet and a cold reading they give you there, for judges. This is in NYC.

Winner And Runner-Ups From Last Year.

Lots of people start filing in, including every English teacher, unfortunately no retired ones, such as Mrs. Blaisdell or Mr. Lawrence. Laudesio's there though.

I discover that it's only Tara Demmy, Muindi, Jake, and myself, who are actually competing. We decide on order, and then chat a bit about a million different subjects.

Up first is Tara, as Helena from A Midsummer Night's Dream, my all time favorite. She shrieks the first line "O Spite, o Hell!" and Jake says, "I'm so screwed dude." After a few lines she falters, and finally remembers. Overall her performance, in my view, was a bit over-the-top-theatrical, but that actually works for Helena.

Muindi is next. I believe he was Titus from Titus Adronicus, and is announced as performing the monologue where some people are to be raped and boiled in a pot or something. He does the typical Malcom X Muindi-ness he does so well, but also forgets a few lines. Finally Jake decides to prompt him, and he ends up finishing. Muindi seems slightly crushed, as he strongly hates to fail.

Jake is third, as Pericles. He is also does very well in the beginning, with nicely cringed face, since Pericles knows he's going to be banished. LOLOSER! But then Jake falters hugely, which really turned my stomach into knots, and Muindi prompts him. Jake seems to have it for a sec, but then says "what?" The crowd laughs. He goes further a bit more, but then says, "I don't know it, I'm not gonna lie," and walks off stage.

His parents were supportive and genuine as always. I tell everyone I honestly thought they still did well when they weren't pausing.

Finally it's my turn, as Puck when he anoints Lysander's eyes in the forest. I don't forget any lines, but I'm worried the whole time mine isn't monologue-ish enough. Originally, in the play here, there would've been Hermia and Lysander sleeping on the floor, and I would be tripping over them.

Finally, Andy Herr - step-son of a woman who is an extraordinary actress in Shakespeare In The Park, who couldn't judge for bias reasons tonight - he video taped his since he's in Florida. His is mediocre, I couldn't stand his mobster voice he's always had. He was Macbeth by the way.

We all casually await the judges verdict, and in the end I'm extremely surprised that the announced winner is "Matt Greco, as Puck." Usually anyone can pull off an angry dramatic character, I thought my comedy would come off too...not impacting enough? I'm crowned, everyone genuinely congratulates me, and I know Muindi is still crushed. He wanted it badly.

[Shakespearian Sicilian : Part Deux]
The rest of the night is all impromptu. First Mrs. Piatek along with her husband, Ms. Pankow, and Mr. Laudesio perform a Midsummer Night's Dream scene which was hilarious and full of slapstick I for once enjoyed.

Later on I play Macbeth in the witches' cauldron scene. Later later on, I beatbox for Muindi and Jake as they rap some lines with Latin in them, I forget the play. It gets the biggest applause, as well as rhythmic clapping as we perform. It livened up the final half hour; I think they booked it for too long, it admittedly got boring.

I'm congratulated throughout the evening by random people, as well as Kryder, Brown, parents of the contestants, my dad and step-mom, Brother, Mother, my step-dad, et cetera.

The next day I'm announced over the P.A. by Pankow as having won, exactly as Rohan walks by, who shouts a congrats, as well as the entire third floor, which was kind of silly, because it seemed like they all knew I was at my locker putting my coat away. So now I await to see when the ESU district level is, and to choose a sonnet.

[Painted Pop-Tarts]
So by popular demand, we've decided to do a final, official, Painted Politics show. Tringali is setting stuff up for an Xtreme Wheelz show around March 4th. Global Dissent has already mentioned interest on being on the bill. We'll be playing all the old songs and hits - Johnny Anderson, Eat Brains - as well as one new one we're writing now. Which we may or may not record.

First practice together in like a year this Thursday. Should be fun, hopefully we can get the vibe back fast. Unfortunately no one can really remember the music for our newer songs.

[Zach Braff And Midori's Ass]
Okay so that's the most wrong title ever. Sorry Meedoree. Anyways, I had a small bundle of people come over to watch Garden State, Gwen, Andraldo, Grantios, and we forced Midori to appear. Apparently she waited on my porch for ten minutes, I guess we were too loud while slamming each other to hear. I feel bad, it must've been as cold as that huge abominable snowman thinger in the fur-mation Rudolph movie.

The night was decent, I was kinda bored, but I had been pooped since we had gotten back from Brother's birthday dinner. I'll make it up soon, maybe I'll make them all some amazing dinner. Egg plant? It's purple.

Then we froze outside while throwing dopes who are easy to throw in the snow, into the snow. I ran after Midori's car, but didn't catch her. Gwen drove by awkwardly.

School tomorrow for one day, and I have to do an art piece, journalism final, math review sheet. And so much for an all-Pennsylvanian Super Bowl. Lynn's bummed about that. Bummed!

Tomorrow I think I'll dropkick Rohan. He wouldn't expect it. Or just slam Drew and Grant.
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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2004|03:46 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
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[Current Music |Gauge Means Nothing - Pilgrims]

Actually, New Radicals' Mother We Just Can't Get Enough just randomly came up on the playlist...

Guage Means Nothing is possibly the most underground Japanese band there is in the personally-rented venue scene. Check them out. Most of their songs are hardcore, so I don't really...have a lot of their songs. But have listened to a lot. Sure would be fun concerts I guess!

GQ has named the 3 Best Men Of The Year [all appearing on different covers of the latest issue] as Jude Law, James Gandolfini, and Tom Cruise. I linked to the U.S. edition of the magazine, seeing as this is the version these guys are on. Plus it still hurts my Silly Serpent that the import subscription to the original British print is about $123.00 USD.

Jude Law | I Am The Law
Alright, so he wasn't in Judge Dredd [hence the line,] but he definitely is in a total of EIGHT films this year. So far we have Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, I <3 Huckabees, Alfie, c|oser, The Aviator, Lemony Smicket's An Unfortunate Series Of Events (I had no idea,) with two to more to knock down. That's the most anyone has topped in a while, and if you're going by Rotten Tomatoes Fresh-o-Meter [tm] of an average of all published reviews, most we fresh. Sky Captain was a bit too theatrically raw (the blue screen) for the silver screen, Huckabees unfortunately concentrated a bit too much on philisophical dialogue, much as Kevin Smith's Dogma rifted on. His interpretation of Alfie rivals Michael Caine's original peformance on varying levels, thought definitely not all. Jude's destructivity (new word myes myes,) in c|oser kept pace with all the others, perhaps falling under par of Natalie Portman's role. (I call it a breakthrough as positive as the Cuban Revolution, but have yet to see the film.) And yes I realize it isn't Nichols' best, and is a big circle of perhaps too unrealistic dialogue, but apparently she handles the given material well. I've always loved Scorcese, and The Aviator looks mega-promising. More promising than Howard Hughes final flight, if you know the true story :[] And I don't know who he plays on Smicket's novel to film.

James Gandolfini | More Like...Grand-olfini
I suppose this was based on the near HBO sw e e p of the Emmy's, a large contributor being that of The Sopranos. I still love Christopher, and Buscemi has been nearly as great as Resevoir Dogs' ultimate survivor (much like Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet, haihaihai?) but James definitely hammered down the still progressively progressive scripts of the season. A nice contrast role would be him as the homosexual hitman in The Mexican, starring Pitt Of The Brad and Julia Roberts. (Best scene undoubtedly being Pitt air-gunning little kids who were doing the same to him, only in slow-mo. By the way, mega-kudos [not the candy bar] to Zach for having J.D. conciously do a "slow-mo handwave" at the conclusion of a recent Scrubs episode.)

Tom Cruise | 'Cruising Away' Would Be Too Obvious
Collateral was enough. First of all, Mann using DV to capture the literal grain of lesser known parts of LA was bold. Jamie Foxx in the front seat keeping pace with Cruise in his back seat (of the cab, not the gludios maximus lolxxzzrofl plzkthnx) was bold. Tom's starkly piercing work was bold. Bold. Did Puki mention that Foxx managed to snag 3 Golden Globe Nominations for Ray, Collateral, and a TV film? That's the most for an actor, ever, in one year. All I can say, is that if you didn't see Mann's latest in theatre's, which was a rush (except for the slightly personally dissapointing ending [I wanted them to shake hands,]) rent it. "Silver fox" was the perfect description, thankyou Mr. Maverick Cruise.

Just got back with Grant and Muindi from Board Of Education meeting. Mreah...pretty boring. Talked about PTA donations handlings, this student from South who wants an Ultimate Frisbee league, Mike Oh got recognition for his 1600 SAT score.

Scrubs is on in the background and I'm making a sandwich.

Rehearsal for Shakespeariment tomorrow after school. Our first Guerilla Show is soon, but I can't say when, we even have a codename for it, heh. It's actually quite like Fight Club as the promo posters suggest. I just yelled out the code word the other day and a random kid responded. All I can say is that I'm playing Blank and disputing with Blank, during Blank, at Blank, and believe it or not Blank plays No Way. Blank.

Also, Unity & Diversity is tomorrow during 2nd Period. Capitalized. Shortened periods mean a swifter bringing of the Guerilla Show rehearsal. v00t [not w00t!] I'm looking forward to all of my betas and betes (betis?) dancing their kundis off in the Indian dance. Actually, a good chunk are from the football league. Same with a lot of the azns I know in their dance. I really wanted to do it this year, in all seriousness. A dance would've been what I probably would've done had I known dates and deadlines and what not, but also walking onto stage and shooting one of the kundis, their face slapping into a plate of spaghetti, would've been highly representational of Italians/Sicilians.

I'm allowed to say that, by the way. You aren't.

By the vay, Vinter Ball was quite decent, and unexpectedly so. Ryan wasn't there, so Winter did not Return LOLZOMGBBQ BYEKTHNX. Danced with Jackie for most of the night, and as expected that lead to rumors being spread that we were going out again. This is not true. However it is true [thanks to Joyce, otherwise known as OMGnayR-Sexer] that Jackie does want me to ask her out apparently. Again, I just wouldn't have time. Way too many projects as usual. In light of this, another year I wanted to try out for Mock Trial, and another year I know I won't have the time. It's sad that this is always the issue.

The only mega-bummer of the night (other than the crowd was only 600 or so, not the 1000-strong that was sweaty grindy Homecoming,) was that I didn't see Lynn all night. Definitely wanted to snag a dance with her, thar's always Sadies. And Erica ended up wearing the dress Rohan and I both agree is the Libertarian Leader Of All Radically Bodacious Dresses. Jackie's Chia Pet Lime Green Sagittarius Spinach Admiral Asparagus [more green names in my published poem the Brilliant green, read from the bottom up by the way] dress. Which still looked good on Erica of course.

But yeah I don't know about the Lynn situation right now. Lolx apparently Rohan knows her, we spotted her tye-dye-ness when we were in Yearbook 9th today. Yeah she's th3 cute and fun at Tarah's parties. Speaking of Yearbook and Rohan, he suggested a GQ subscription for Sexmas. Sexcellent idea.

And now this was definitely a post no one has any reason to read. I hate those, especially the like...one-line posts about something that...is not interactive. Write in a diary of emo blood than, not an LJ. Or make your LJ friends-only, and have yourself be the only friend. Lolz, what roflstfuWOMG.

I put chips on my sandwich. Like Drew.
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College Pals And Natalie Feature Fails [Dec. 2nd, 2004|09:32 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |rushedrushed]
[Current Music |Zazen Boys - Zazen Boys II [ty muindi]]

Got my liscense and night liscense.

'Cause I didn't speed 3 miles over the limit this time.

They fail ya' for that.

tubular is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

It's true.

Why is that bar so...Autumn-y?

First off a thanks to Deirdre for the Hanson book. It really surprisingly made my day as a surprise. What a surprise! By the way, I'm just not checking all of these pseudo-UPS'ed packages I get anymore. No one ever puts a return address name, usually it's from a company or a Secret Ninja. So no, I'm not checking them for anthrax or bubble-wrapped [tm?] bombs anymore.

Secondly, "wow Mattathias [thankyou Yacov/Jacob for this wonderful nickname you Jewish Tenenbaum you,] a post this soon after the prior one? No WAY, you've never done this plzkthnx." Well, it's gonna be short. Just had a few things I think will feel good to get down on...screen. Monitor.


[Lolx College Pals Are Back]
So yeah I saw Ryan, Zack/Zaxx, Sarah, Tom, Jamie, and Janet over the Thanksgiving break. (I bet Zack calls it Turkey Day.) It was great to see all of them again, some have changed, but mostly just in the...hair region. Which I will now detail for you. Like a hairstylist would detail your...sideburns.

First, Demmy and I ambushed Sarah at Fridays to slam her. [to slam | the ferociously unnecessary act of punching someone either once or repeatedly in the Nether Region. in sarah's and demmy's case, this would be the Wang.] We did, and I saw Grant's sister Marissa working there. She is silly roflolzx.

But also at the table were Gwen, Janet Xu [attending Yale,] Zack [attending Syracuse,] Jamie [attending I dunno,] Tom [attending College,] and Anne. She attends Paris. So yeah I definitely felt we ruined Gwen's night, and I was glad hee! As I graciously stole her breadsticks and someone's lime slice.

Later on, Demmy and I would purchase an almost completely-ripe mango from Wegmans. They had no starfruit by the way, I forgot it had a season, and this is most definitely not it.

So then I hung out with Ryan the next day, later on in the afternoon really. Myes myes, later on approximately. It was amazing, usually he just shows me random vids on his computer or something downstairs in the Entertainment Room. We just chit-chat-a-nized about everything he's done at college so far. He's loving it, but I can't say anything he told me.

Great conversing though, nothing compares to just lounging on someone else's bed and buzzing about girls. Or a girl.

He ended up showing me some random BoA vid where she walked through ghetto Korea. I never dug her, but the random Ghettorea Pop-And-Shockers ((breakdancers)) were mega. Mega _______. Oh, and this French radically-tubular babe Alizee. At first I thought he said allez-y or allons-y, which basically translate to "LET'S GO!" But yeah she had the most intoxicating hip-twirls.

Lastly, Dirtbag and I chilled with Zack that same night. We just cruised in Dr. Borowitz' hybrid Toyota - they took the registration off his old california sea blue sedan :[] - ate at Mighty Taco. Then we viewed Dogma at Demmy's.

Oh and we viewed Elf at Demmy's at somepoint over the break. All of Tarah's usual suspects were there. Lynn's mega-cute. Canadian Bacon remained unwatched, sorry Zaxx!

[Shutdown Hard]
My editor (NeXt) just rejected my idea for a feature on Natalie Portman. I wanted to write about her contrasting career progression, and how she was more willing to do things, seemingly, for Mike Nichols. However Jean said it's shyed away from since the article would be tied to Closer, and they don't do R-rated movies anymore. But if a phone interview with Nat comes up, I'll tape it and be able to do the story.

I'm really bummed, as I had begun the article anyways, and I think I'll still work on it from time to time. But expect another story in there from me in a week or so. I have a few ideas, but don't really feel like reviewing any other movies right now. So they'll probably be features, I just finished a Better Luck Tomorrow review and a profile of Will Fichtner, who used to work with my dad at Pepsi Buffalo, before moving to Hollywood, for our school's newspaper.

College stuff is finally finished, all the portfolios sent out. I'm such a dope though, I keep forgetting to give my recommendations out. And I'm sorta falling behind in photo to those two days when I was sick with Almost Stomach Flu. Photo shoot due next Monday, one print due Friday, and a Powerpoint presentation was to be finished yesterday, and my extension's pretty much up. (I actually managed to make Powerpoint produced something good though, God that program blows.)

[Current Hoorayent]

Anyways, the script for Part Trois is coming along. Mostly it consists of me having a scene idea pop into my head, then I run downstairs and type up the basics somewhere. Don't worry, all the random sequences will tie together. Also some pre-production soundtrack ideas are being tooled out.

Closer on Friday, another Nichols hit? From seeing what I have seen, I called Natalie's role in it "a breakthrough as positive as the Cuban revolution." We'll see though on Friday.

And then probably the last Guapos game of the season. Followed by Sheila's party if I feel like it. This is all on Saturday.

Life Is Still Delicious

And that was not short.
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Zazen Boys, Los Guapos, And Kryder Toys [Nov. 18th, 2004|03:16 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |Zazen Boys - My Crazy Feeling]

Okay first off, Guli's pretty fast. Faszcchoohmmm there he goes.

So yeah, a bundle of poop has happened since Halloween-ish time.

[For The Women And The Children! And The Hospitalen!]
Demmy and I volunteered at House Of Horrors (in Galleria Mall across from Kahunaville,) for my AP Government community service hours. We did it for three days, including Halloween night, it was about 15 hours of service in all. And I must say, it was a CAPSLOCK MEGA-AWESOME COOL ROFFLE WHOAMGBBQ way of doing this.

Silly Steve, the guy who does the Variety Club telethons and runs the HoH, gave us the speech every night. Proceeds of course go to Women & Childrens Hospital, which is radical, but his main goal for us was to Scare The Living HELL. Out of Western New York. The official site reads "scare the living yell." Hee!

But we did so, and it's still undecided I believe, but HoH may have won the national Haunted House Guild Of America award again for best haunted attraction. I mainly dressed as a mangy pirate, people kept asking if I was Jack Sparrow, but only when we were on 10 minute breaks up in The Food Court.

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 airbornehos a-groaning.
11 kusoyaros a-bouncing.
10 thestripedones a-twisting.
9 tmtgurl4evas a-grinding.
8 deyr_druhs a-calling.
7 ace_toness a-laying.
6 sera__chans a-chewing.
5 light blue 43:_mu2_s.
4 squatting stickynikki17s.
3 Venezuelan peanut_turds.
2 dog macky_chans.
And a seiru_okibi in a apple tree.
Get gifts! Username:

Uahh why is it so correct? Especially Nam, Deirdre calling and trying to reach me, Stevie humpness, light blue Muindis...Jake wouldn't dig that...(EDIT: "it rhymes, 5 light blue mu2s, 'cause I'm a poet." - Muindi) Venezuelan Liz of course. And Grant's always up in a tree ready to pounce, we know that.

Demmy and I met mega-hot schoolgirl [distortional addict trampoline Number Girl uahh] babe Sarah. Her boyfriend was a Misfit, but that's okay because he was cool, so we [I] didn't attempt to steal. I definitely flirt-a-nized with her though in Egyptian Hall, The Crypt, and when we were on break.

Cage, one of the runners there, came through with a DV camera at one point, and I got so confused I just stood there hiding in between some entombed skeletons for a sec. Then I came out and pirated "SHIVER ME TIMBRES, I'LL CUT OFF YER LIMBRES!" He loved it, and kept joking about it with me in the break room. Mega-tubular guy. Can't wait till next year, I'll definitely be joining Demmers for that.

[Democratic Headquarters (Of Marple Fame.)]
As for political hours so far, Grantios and I went down to Democratic Headquarters in the Ellicot Square Building across from the Bisons' stadium. First day wasn't amazing, we just sat in the offices calling most registered Donkeys of Erie County and reminded them to vote as well as asking them to come down and volunteer on election day. Which we actually did, on election day. Basically we inflated balloons, along with Marple and his Renee Zellwegger-ish girlfriend Jamie. That was mega-fun.

I wonder what they did with all the Kerry-Edwards balloons? Gave 'em to Brian Higgins? Saw him there, he had on a very posh pinstripe suit, I still need one of those.

Los Guapos | The Handsomes.

I joined this sorta football league that plays at Paradise Park every Saturday. (And this Friday, TOMORROW, uahh!) It's awesome, mostly the kids from yearbook. Mostly Indians, and as Janice Li commented "well Indians are always late, so I'll pick you up around 1:40."

It's mega-fun, to go to the site, click HARD on this: Los Guapos Football.

I made up that temporary logo, we're taking pictures of both teams tomorrow at the game. Adnaan and Guli mainly handle the site. Rohan...looks at it.

We've had ENUF of SMOJ!

[Geezuz Krdyer, Lay Off!]
Kryder has gotten me to do a lot of stuff for him lately heh. Get poems into District Wide Reading, submit to Literary Digest [the Brilliant green], design cover for that Digest, et cetera. That's alright, he's a great guy I don't mind. Besides, it's stuff I would've done anyways.

By the way, in the Brilliant green I actually mention him. I wonder if he caught it.

[Seeya NeXt Time Muindis!]
I applied to The Buffalo News' NeXt. I got in, so now I'm a full-blown Correspondent which is cool. Look for my articles in there soon, I just haven't time to write any stories lately. A lot of movies I could've reviewed too >>.<
By the way Muindi, you better be burning me Zazen Boys 2 RIGHT. NOW. HARD. Plzkthnx.

[Mangoing Miscellaneous-ers]
Stage 7 of 10k Commotion is finally complete. She did a great job, I love all the DDR-ers hangin' on the beach, volleyballing, flirting, and hot dog standing. Some great watercolor work in thar too, especially this one pic of Candy turning around and smirking. And Dyna, as always.

Saw The Motorcycle Diaries ((based on the memoirs of Ernesto Guevara and Alberto when they traveled the length of South America, before the Cuban Revolution, and the hero we know as Che.)) Mega-good, extremely well acted by Gael Garcia Bernal, who is also in Bad Educated coming out soon, and and Rodrigo de la Serna, in his debut roll. The chemistry was unbelievable, much more real than Fabio's chemistry class. /\ _____ /\! I actually wrote a review on it when I got home from hanging with Scott [haven't seen him in about a year] at like 2:00 a.m., and then discovered review for NeXt must only be PG - PG-13. Cry cry!

On my way home today, I got lost in some random Near Ryan CampbellAnyaJoyce Neighborhood. But that's because I was talking to Nam. Geezuz I haven't talked to him in mega-long. Called him on his cell, he had just gotten out of school and was heading toward the Recruitment office. He's being shipped off sorta soon ;;_;; semi-colon crying many. His voice got mega-mature heh, I enjoy.

Yeah that was fun though, I definitely miss him, COME AND VISIT SPRING BREAK. In all seriousness, you can probably stay with us.

1. Life Is Delicious. Sawao agrees.

2. If you look hard enough you'll see green in everything. Or so my Brilliant green claims.

c. Munching the mangos and starfruit.

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Exploit The Bum By Going Around The Rear [Oct. 27th, 2004|07:40 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |Going Steady - Wakamonotachi]

SOMG I just farted.

It didn't smell down here for like a half hour, but then when I went upstairs to make some dinner, it smelled. It doesn't make sense, The Smell wasn't attached to my bum as I left the basement.

SOMG | so my god.
The Smell | Crayola crayons mixed with seaweed, microwaved cell phones, and Cap'n Crunch [tm.]
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The Beginning Of The End. Or Part Trois. [Sep. 28th, 2004|02:29 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |touchedtouched]
[Current Music |Eastern Youth - Seijyaku Ga Moeru]

With the mega-unexpected success of The Passion Of Muindi : Part Deux, I bring some news, some words in the typed-form, candy corn, scarecrows [Mike Marple], and hopefully no tangents on the fact that school has started and what's happened since then up until now.

[La Premiere]
Zack, myself, and the cast cannot thank all of you enough for the semi-good turnout for the Premiere. While there were plently of difficulties, when it smoothed over, everything went fine. People laughed hard, someone actually got up and told me they were going to pee themselves [Matthews Mike / Mike Matthews.] Of course, as expected, the basically-dramatic scenes were not taken seriously and thought to also be comedy, but that's alright. Don't take it as seriously as Ryan did.

[The DVD]
The DVD will include Part Une and Part Deux, as well as special features pertaining to Part Deux. A still-being-done Making Of, Cast & Crew Commentary, Interviews, Cast Impressions, Full Outtake Reel, Random Footage during Principal Photography, and more.

The DVD will be available around Thanskgiving, and will be priced at $10, but is subject to change. Those of you who pre-ordered the DVDs will either recieve them in the mail or personally. Anyone interest in purchasing a DVD in Novemember may do so.

[Part Trois ("Trox")]
As we speak, I am still writing the screenplay for Mr. Trois. I have a lot of significant, randomly placed scenes done because I wanted to make sure I got them the way I want them on paper before losing any of it. I expect the script to be completed, maybe not 100%-revised and finalized by mid to late October. By the way this looks so far, Part Trois will end up being feature-length, somewhere around an hour and a half.

The cast is broadened, as well as settings, themes, and awesomity. And this will be the end of the trilogy, so expect some...endings.

[Casting For Part Trois]
The first day of Principal Photography is currently planned for the night of October 31st, Halloween night here in the U.S. I can tell you what will be happening in this scene, as it is not one of the ones I plan on keeping under wraps. (Note that I'll be keeping the very CAPS LOCK LAST scene a secret from even cast members. Only those filming, booming, and in the scene will know of it. Cast members will not receive that part of the script /\ ____ /\!)

Casting is open casting. Obviously the rolls already established (Muindi, Mattch, Grimace, Dirtbag, Assassin, Keebler, Snoop, and the minors [Grant's role has been significantly increased in this film]) are all already cast, unless someone dies or gets un-suaved. (Only Muindi could do that.)

However, there are a lot more parts that need to be cast this time around, minor and major. At this point in the script, the most important would be that of Mattch's Love Interest. So any babealicious babes can talk to me about this, as well as for any interest you may have.

Filming is non-consecutive (not every day, no Base [trailers,]) so we will notify you of when you will have a scene to be filmed about a week in advance, with time, place, and transportation methods.

[So What Are The Mega-Awesome Expectations Of This One Thar Matty?]
a) Filming will in the majority be done in downtown Buffalo, including parts of Delaware Park, Theatre District, The Buffalo Zoo, and recently added: Fuji Grill.
b) The premiere will take place at a private theatre/cinema near the Boulevard Mall. We are in the process of renting this for a day. There is a feature-size screen, as well as a stage, plenty of seating room, and refreshment bars.
c) Admission will be open to all of Buffalo, as this will definitely be a "Buffalo Independent Film." (As mentioned, the shoot locations.) Expect an article or two in The Buffalo News, The Amherst Bee, and The Buffalo News' NEXT paper.

Always remember, Life Is Delicious! Just cook it as good as an Iron Chef, mkay?
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Slap That Bass Drew. And Slap That Premiere. [Aug. 24th, 2004|10:10 am]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - To Have And To Have Not]

Gentles and Ladiesmen. You're attentioning please. Thankyou today for all the time.
< /engrish>

As of WhateverTimeItWas O'Clock yesterday, we were able to reserve the venue I originally wanted for The Premiere. I called Lois, a thanks to Gibbsesflemeses for telling me she was home. But so is Elliot, either way it helped. She paged Father Stern, and it turns out he has no problem hosting it on Wednesday night.

So Zack and Matthews rejoiced. Then we watched the test-DVD, the video quality was superb, the audio was buzzing at virtually any spot where we weren't whispering and there wasn't a spot of wind. A wee spot *sips.* So we spent two hours yesterday carefully watching the levels rise on every sequence, and correcting them. Later today we'll check, and hopefully we got this, because DVDs cost a lot.

I also just finished a promo poster I'm quite proud of. We'll get them printed today at ol' Kinkos [tm] and hopefully they won't be distorted when blown up to poster size. Which is why I'm brining along a Photoshop file of the image for them, I'm assuming they use Adobe programs.

Those will be available for purchase.

Also later today, I have to complete the entire Trailer before 3:00 p.m. That is Demmy arrival time, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Except I'd probably miss it for Anya. Nah, I'd find a way to not miss either somehow, hee! But we're going to man-date to Tea Time. I hope mega-hot drink-mixer is there again, even though I only saw her one night with Deyr and Stevie-WeviesPlural.

Without more mega ado...

When | Wednesday, August 24th 2004. 8:00 p.m. EST.
Venue | 185 Halston Parkway. "The Stern Residence / Elliot Hey's House."
Directions | Head down Paradise past Williamsville East High School, and the street is down a little ways on the right-hand side. But of course on the left if you don't turn onto Paradise from Klein. Once on Halston Parkway, the house will be a ways down, on the right, #185. There will most likely be signs, or a Watered-Down-Traffic-Controller.
What |
Introduction, Opening Comments
Full-Length Trailer Screening
The Passion Of The Muindi : Part Deux Screening
Question And Answer Period With Cast And Crew
Merchandise Selling (Unfortunately Only Posters [$2.00])
DVD Reservations ([$10.00] required.)
Autograph Signings
Refreshments (Party Subs, Pizzas, Desserts, Drinks)
Noteworthy |
Parts of The Premiere will be filmed, and appear on the DVD special features disc.
Anyone is invited, all ages, all types, all awesomes, bring anyone you wish, even parents.

A final apology to all of you who I haven't been able to see this whole week. I warned you all I'd be extremely busy with The Premiere, as you can see we're still prepping the day before, and will be the day of. It's not just you Person Name, it's everyone, so don't feel bad. I've literally only been free around 11:00 p.m. or midnight every now and then.

< /boring formal-ness>
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Tonawanda? More Like...NotCoolawanda! [Aug. 21st, 2004|03:42 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |Number Girl - Omoide In My Head]

Welp I guess I failed my road test my a smidgen. See driving always came really easy to me, plus my mom's car is mega-smooth. Parallel parking is a cinch, 3-point turning is no problem, just gotta remember to look 50 times. All that crap comes natural, all the hard stuff hee. But yesterday, after my hour-late test, (the Sean Connery/Ian Holm-ish instructor was late I guess, perhaps he was playing with Matchbox Cars safely,) he said "welp you need to slow it down and come back again."

It turns out I went over the speed limit on Delaware by 3 mph. I was speeding at 33 mph.

Anyways, it was silly, at least I didn't fail for something huge I guess. But I can't re-take it until mid-September. Wah wah wahhh~~*shut down noises*

[In Better News...]
The Premiere is going to be either Tuesday or Wednesday night.
Probably starting somewhere between 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. EST.
That's August 24th or 25th.
The venue was going to be Elliot's house, but I guess he's at camp or something. Let's hope it's not a concentration camp, myes? But it would've helped, because they have a projection screen that takes up a whole wall.
So the venue will most likely be The Demmy Residence. Their finished basement is huge and semi-split, so one section will be for Merchandise and Autographs and Refreshments, while the other will be for the Screening. Unforunately though, his big-screen T.V. might just not cut it. We're going to try to raise it up, but still I just don't think it's wide-enough for everyone to be able to see.

Events that are almost 100% confirmed following the screening are:
Question & Answer session with the Directors and Cast.
Merchandise Purchasing, along with Autographs.
Refreshments (party subs, pizza, we're not sure yet.)

Also, you should all know that different portions of The Premiere will be filmed and put into a special for the DVD release. Pay no attention to them, just enjoy your time there! CAPS LOCK ENJOY!

Anyone interested in purchasing a DVD can give the person in-charge of this:
Full Name
$10, which covers the entire purchase fee.

We expect to finish the DVDs, have them printed, and shipped out around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately we just don't have enough time to have them ready for The Premiere. CAPS LOCK BLAME ZACK AND HIS USELESS CAMP!

Anyone is invited. Friends, family, parents, sibblings, randoms, awesomes, anyone. Most of the cast will be there, so bring cameras and things to sign if you wish. However there will be posters and possibly t-shirts available for purchase and signatured-ness.

Cecilia you should come. So we can sex-a-nate. Behind the screen.

And now for a final plug, the site with cutest and most pastelle-y games in ze world. ORISINAL. My favorite is Chicken Wings...Aren't Meant For Flying!
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Escapades And Lollipop Brigades [Jul. 23rd, 2004|04:21 pm]
Mattch Mattch!
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]
[Current Music |Dragon Ash - Life Goes On]

I dedicate this soggy (like Demmy) post to Anyas/Tink, Deyr-druh, Gibbseseslispes, and then all the random people who don't have LJs, (bawahh CAPS LOCK THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY NOT AS MANY COOL AS US. AS MANY COOL, YOU HEARD ME. Or read me rather,) that creepily read my blog-a-nations.

It's been a while.

Yeah I know.

Uhh...GEEZUZ I KNOW. Want me to catch up on everything?

Well then that'd be a mega-post, even more mega than my usuals, so I'll just act like I've been blogging all along, (sorry I do have a non-virtual life. No really I do. HEART! CPT. PLANET SUMMON UP NOW!) and just type up the recent/notable stuff.

*crickets* Yeah so..note..able...

Welp the filming for The Passion Of The Muindi Part Deux took about four months I think, and post-production is somehow taking longer. I edited for so long, even went after Zacko had left for camp (>.<) awkwardly when it was just his parents thar, and I'm still not done. I need to call Dr. Glick and finish up. I'm working on DVD inserts, posters, digital promos, t-shirt designs.

You see when Zack gets back, (and recently Demmy, he ended up finishing his Marine Land internship type thinger,) we're gonna have a real premiere. Probably mid-August, since The Useless gets home August 16th.

Well gee golly grapes what'll be at the premiere Matties!? italics

a)screening of the official full-length trailer
b)screening of the feature The Passion Of The Muindi: Part Deux
c)clapping, applause, hand-putting-togethering
d)question and answer with the directors and cast
e)refreshments, meet members of the cast (inferior ones)
f)autographs, merchandise purchasing, with the main cast

Production and post-production on this smacker has been a real nightmare mate. But yet still somehow fun, and worthwile. We learned a lot, bettereded our quality, et cetera.

So get ready for the premiere. Mais, la date exactement, euh...je ne sais pas.

[THE GIRLS and guys i GUESS]
Welp there's a rather large but compact story behind what happened with Anyas and me. I'm pretty psyched, (she has a xanga, so I refuse to link to their ugly looking blogs! *XANGA-NATED* Owies!) she'll be back from Sweden in about 11 days. She's such a nice break from everyone, not just past-gals, and ESPECIALLY Jackie.

Speaking of which Deirdre's party was better than expected. Lots of people, QUANTITY NOT QUALITY CAPS LOCK GALORE hee, and Sean came up to me after seeing Jackie's les hair "she's about as original as a chocolate bar man."

As much as I love bars. And candy. And...lifting..weights, I would never eat Jackie.

Is that right? Lemme call my agent please.

Snuggling/cuddling/buggling (...) with Anyas is just so nice though. She's warm, especially by That Fire, and easy to ball up and roll down hills. With spikes at the bottom. Or pops of lolli. When she gets home I think I'mma cook her a good meal, maybe some dessert as well. If not then just dessert. It'll be puki-filled that's for sure YA KNOW?

Okay, so she'll finish my food, and then it'll be my turn to taste something of hers. I'm thinking her lips.

Mmmyeah. That's what I be thinkingaling.

I've been hanging with Kev and SarAH a lot. Good times there, (no one ever says 'good times,' I swear. Right Drew? BASS BASS BASS.) With Kevin we usually hurt my poor old printer with rods of duct tape. Hiyaa! 3 Ninjas! I will be Tum-Tum.

Sarah is just awesome. When we hung before Emily's grad party, which was mad (grrness) good mayn, it was so nice just to kickback, except in motion, and talk about nothing. A lot of nothing. Mainly at Tea Time. With the Yakuza drink-mixer. Mmm tea-based smoothies/slush's.

We had a nice walk with Gwen towards the end of Emily's party. Got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while. Gwen made cute noises. They noised. Noise noise. You see?

It's SarAH's grad party tomorrow. There's a DJ, I shall supply the j-pop, j-hop (Dragon Ash!,) j-rop, et cetera. None of that visual kei please. *X-Japans you! -20 hp to Gibbs*

Muindi came over just now. Well a few whiles ago. Like 7 whiles I'd guess. Showed him some live vids of The Back Horn and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Oh and the ultimate Asian Kung-Fu Generation. I'll get that CD to you tomorrow mate, promising!

I miss Demmy like hard. So much hard. He's coming home early like I mentioned, (he calls me uselessly every day, so I know,) after finishing his internship. He wants to be a wildlife keep-in-good-healther. Not nurser. Apparently he found a girl down at Shore. And Zackos did at camp. Michelle I believe. Heh heh allllright.< /quagmire>

Visit my friend Katie's site Flash Back! for all the upcoming news of Asian Kung-Fu Generation's new single Rewrite (the PV is up thar,) and their soon-to-be-played concerts with The Pillows, Puffy Ami Yumi, and the like. The like. Do you like? I like.

CHEW CHEW TRAMPOLINE HIGH SCHOOL! IT'S WHERE I WANNA BE! WHERE THE TEACHERS WEARING BIKINI TO THE DETENTION EVERYDAY. Now wouldn't it be good if I could get Angry Asian American to work? Like...teach Rick rythmn...melodies...how to not talk a song. Although I don't mind singing everything. ^_________^! Get Muindi to play gee-tar. Maybe get Drew to play up-right bass for another hook. Construct a drummer. From legos. Then open for AKG!

In other news I get to keep the Giant Lollipop Of The Bestest prop we made from The Passion. We spent less time on that then our dolly, believe it or not. But the dolly pays off in one particular scene, so just wait.

What is the mystery of Macky!? I somehow have had her screename too! []_[]
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